The Fun With Hard Plastic


At Hard Plastic we believe in claiming your space, defining yourself, and not being pushed around by people who want to slap labels on you.

…like “millenial”. Yuch!

Don’t sit around waiting for someone to tell you who you are or who you should be! Grab a word that feels good and fucking claim it for yourself. 
Sometimes it just takes one word.

…like “badass”.

Sometimes it takes more. Sometimes it changes.

The fun with Hard Plastic is that it’s easy to stack, change, rearrange, or go back to basics. 
One day you can be a “feminist bitch” and the next day you’re a “rebel unicorn”. Some days you just want to tell people to “fuck off” and that’s cool, too.

Decide who you are. Tell us in the comments. What word, or two or three, would you wear?

❤ Hard Plastic Crew

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Bracelets and Wraps – A Breakdown

Soon we’ll be rolling out products. We’re keeping it easy, starting with just three products.

We’re going to feed off of your nostalgia with elastic letter bracelets.
Hard plastic letters on 7.5″ elastic.
A basic.

Then we’re going to add some versatility with string wraps.
The same letters on 21″ string in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, or yellow.
You can wrap them around your wrists, your ankles, or your neck – just not too tight.

Then we’re going to rub some funk on it with fabric wraps.
Letters on 21″ exclusive print fabric in different patterns designed just for you.
You can wrap them around your wrists or your ankles; dangle them from your neck, or even wrap them in your hair!

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❤ Hard Plastic Crew